Bags and backpacks

Browse the BHANGARA bag shop to find a stylish and practical backpack, a virgin hemp tote bag, a woman's shoulder bag or a small handbag. Our exclusive collection of Himalayan bags in organic hemp canvas is entirely handmade in Nepal. These eco-responsible fashion items are sustainable and made in accordance with fair trade standards.

  • Backpacks

    An organic and fair trade backpack.

    Designed by our team, our backpacks are designed in partnership with Nepalese master craftsmen and made with canvas from organic hemp, respecting trade. From women's backpacks to laptop cases with zipped pockets, our designs bring you the best of men's, women's and children's latest trends.

    How are your backpacks designed?

    Our backpacks for men, women and children are designed to simplify your everyday life or travel. Easy access exterior side storage, an interior laptop compartment and a zipped pocket to secure your keys and other valuables, every detail has been carefully thought out  to provide you a smart, practical and comfortable backpack.

    To deliver each model at the best price, we strive to create a backpack with a simple and functional design that is useful for you on a daily basis, during a hike in the woods or a weekend getaway. The Bhangara hemp canvas backpack collection is made in two workshops in Nepal in accordance with fair trade principles.

    This ethical approach is integrated into all stages of the design and manufacture of our models. Starting with the spinning of hemp, done by the village women in the mountains, to the weaving, using their own size to measure the width of the piece of fabric, our artisans take care of all stages of production in order to create a unique fashion accessory. All pieces of our bags collection, like the outer flap, the padded main compartment or the adjustable straps of the side pockets, were designed to offer you a resistant and durable product, assuring, at the same time, a fair level of pay for the women and men who made it.

    Are your ethical backpacks ecological?

    Whether it's the trendy large backpack or the mini-bag for women, all of our models are made with organic hemp canvas. 

    Cannabis is a drought tolerant plant with 5 times less water requirements than cotton. In general, it is naturally insensitive to pests and thus grown without pesticides. Hemp fibers, on the other hand, are very wide, which makes them very resistant. Finally, hemp is biodegradable at the end of its useful life, unlike synthetic textiles. It can even be recycled!

    Finally, to minimize the ecological impact of manufacturing, our team avoids the use of dyes when they're not necessary, as in the straps or the back, and uses recycled rice bags to give rigidity to the internal padding. Since the end of 2019 we have also replaced the old synthetic straps and inner lining with natural fibers to achieve an optimal level of biodegradability at the end of the product's life cycle.

    How to choose your canvas backpack?

    Our collection of hemp canvas backpacks offers a variety of sizes and colors to suit a mindful woman or somebody wanting a new look.

    Perfect for going on getaways, our large backpacks combine the capacity of a tote with the compartments, side pockets and zipped pockets of a hiking backpack. With a good capacity, they make excellent cabin luggage and can perfectly replace a shoulder bag or tote.

    Feminine and practical, our mini backpacks combine the elegance and capacity of an average handbag with the practicality of a tote. Designed to become the best companion of an urban woman, it lets you carry your essentials with ease and style.

    Ideal for use as a useful and colorful school bag, our models with a main compartment and single front pocket are easily worn on the back. Sold in different colors, they sure are a great alternative to the traditional ones! 

  • Shoulder bags

    Behind a simple bag: nature, people

    A stylish outfit regardless of the consequences? Nope. It's not that difficult to have an ethical approach. And that’s what we’re trying to defend. We take responsibility for knowing, monitoring and improving our entire production process.

    All our pieces are made by hand in Nepal. These people, experts in the cultivation of hemp, have used this plant to obtain fiber for centuries. By carrying a hemp bag, you encourage the development of the Nepalese craftsmen, while indulging yourself with a unique artisan product.

    Nepalese craftsmanship emphasizes the beauty of hemp with a manual weaving technique that makes each product elegant and textured. Available in handbag format with shoulder strap for ladies, or messenger bags for men, our models will easily find their place in everyday life. Designed by the BHANGARA team to be both aesthetic and practical, they are the ethical accessory that will add a touch of originality to your outfit.

    Vegan chic women's cross body bag

    Our models of handbags come in many forms. You can opt for a plain, chic and elegant design, a patchwork design, or a graphic and urban model. Thanks to their sober and natural color, the fabric adapts to all your outfits, whatever your style.

    At Bhangara, we advocate eco-responsible manufacturing, but also practical bags. This is why we have created bags with several compartments that will allow you to properly organize your things. All our models have an inside zipped pocket, to store your valuable items. In addition, thanks to the adjustable strap, you can comfortably adjust the height of your bag.

    Small Crossbody casual bag

    Need a practical accessory to accompany your outings with discretion and comfort? Choose Kalikot, our round shoulder bag. Its small size has been studied to offer you enough space for your phone and wallet without taking up too much room. Available in several colours, it will complete your outfit with a touch of originality. Like all our bags, it is PETA-Approved Vegan certified. 

    The adjustable strap will allow you to vary the way it is worn on your shoulder or crossed. Inside, you will have a second zipped compartment to secure your cash or identity papers. No more searching for your keys for hours! Simply store them in the front pocket. Another characteristic of organic hemp fabric is its sturdiness. You can therefore take your new companion everywhere without fear of damaging it. 

    Practical and elegant men's handbag

    For you, gentlemen, Bhangara’s designers have come up with these useful and stylish crossbody bags. Rukum bags have 3 compartments to ease the storage of your belongings. The outer flap and magnetic clasp guarantee extra security and add a touch of elegance. It comes with a string with a ring for securing your keys or badge. Choose the colour that best suits your style: blue, beige or classic brown... 

    You don't need a lot of space? Treat yourself to the compact version! Light and small, the Tanahu pouch uses the natural tone of hemp to blend discreetly with your outfit and has enough room for your cell phone and wallet. Reinforcing cables on all the outside contours ensure its sturdiness. For maintenance, nothing could be simpler! Wash your satchel in warm water and leave it to dry flat indoors. 

  • Laptop cases

    Dare to use an organic and fair trade computer case

    Working for an ethical and responsible approach does not only mean sorting your waste. On the contrary, it is a real way of life which tends to favor the development of new solutions. This is why Bhangara has developed a range of natural hemp computer cases that will perfectly meet your modern needs.

    In partnership with our workshops in Nepal, we wish to combine the ecological question and the well-being of our artisans, who work with the greatest respect for the Nepalese tradition.

    Enter the ethical era while protecting your laptop

    Just because your life is marked by technology doesn't mean you have to stop saving the planet. It is precisely the combination of these two aspects that will allow the development of a common interest in the environmental cause and fair trade.

    At Bhangara, that's what we aim for by offering this selection of protective laptop sleeves. And contrary to popular belief, an organic computer bag like our Siraha cover provides all the comfort you need when traveling.

    Composed of two large pockets, each cover allows you to store your documents and your laptop separately, protecting them from scratches thanks to the natural hemp fiber, and a layer of flexible foam that guarantees the safety of your laptop. An internal reinforcement cable all around the bag also acts as a shock absorber.

    Bhangara computer cases: a fair gesture every day

    Whether for business use or for your personal travel, it has never been easier to respect the planet every day. Our laptop sleeves are suitable for small screens as well as larger dimensions, up to 14 ".

    Thus, you will necessarily find the protection that suits your laptop, regardless of whether it is a MacBook, Lenovo, HP, Asus, Dell ... With this responsible accessory, we want to offer as many people as possible the possibility of '' buy an ecological and ethical item.

    And because there is no question of drawing a line on the aesthetic aspect of our creations, we leave you the choice of the size, the shape (cover or computer bag), as well as the color, obtained by natural processes.

    How do I take care of my organic computer cover?

    Bhangara items are designed using natural and traditional methods by our Nepalese artisans. This means that they respect both the working conditions of our employees and eco-responsible practices.

    In the absence of chemicals and toxic products, it is therefore very important that you take good care of your laptop bag. To do this, we recommend that you wash it by hand, avoiding too high temperatures. Putting your laptop sleeve through the machine is not recommended. If you do, make sure you do not exceed a temperature of 30 °.

    Finally, the natural color of your computer bag is particularly sensitive to sunlight. We therefore invite you not to let it dry in too exposed a way, in order to prevent it from losing its shine.

Browse the BHANGARA bag shop to find a stylish and practical backpack, a virgin hemp tote bag, a woman's shoulder bag or a small handbag. Our exclusive collection of Himalayan bags in organic hemp canvas is entirely handmade in Nepal. These eco-responsible fashion items are sustainable and made in accordance with fair trade standards.

Discover BHANGARA bags, ethical, ecological and vegan backpacks and shoulder bags

If sustainable development, respect for the planet and its resources or veganism are among your convictions, you may wish to adopt a lifestyle and clothing in line with your values. 

At BHANGARA, we share these same values and apply them in our production. We believe that an alternative way of consumption is possible, and we prove it by offering you backpacks made from 100% organic Himalayan hemp, respectful of both resources and people. Handmade by Nepalese craftsmen, our vegan bags and pouches are designed in accordance with ecology and fair trade.

An ecological backpack made of hemp for an adventurous journey

Do you want reliability and a material that is both durable, ecological and stylish? BHANGARA vegan backpacks meet all your requirements. Solid and refined, our hemp canvas bags are designed to make your life easier, and accompany you for years to come, in town or in the countryside.

As ecological manufacturing and sustainable development must not sacrifice practicality and style, our ethical men's backpacks have plenty of storage, expertly designed and easy to wear tones. All our Himalayan hemp bag models have an internal pocket to store a laptop or your various files. They also offer open pockets with elastic on the sides, for easy access to a small bottle of water or various accessories.

BHANGARA ethnic backpacks offer a variety of designs and colours to suit your taste. Are you more of a classic? The Sunsari or Manang organic backpacks have a sober design and 2 zipped front pockets for maximum storage. The Dolkha hemp bag, on the other hand, plays the card of originality with its asymmetrical pockets, while the Parbat backpack sports a daring cross design. With the variety of patterns and colors, our ethical computer bags have the model you need.

Our eco-friendly shoulder bags

Whether they're bags for women or men, our eco-friendly shoulder bags will captivate you with their variety of styles, shapes and elegance. BHANGARA shoulder bags are made of natural, light but sturdy Himalayan hemp canvas that guarantees you durability, versatility and resistance.

All our ethnic shoulder bags can be worn crossbody or over the shoulder and are easy to adjust. Designed with several compartments and pockets, our vegan bags let you store your small belongings conveniently, whether it's your keys, your phone, make-up bag, tissues...

Again, you will have a wide range of shapes and designs of our vegan carrier bags. Do you like round shapes? The Kalikot shoulder bag will thrill you with its original circular design. Plenty of colour tones, like yellow, red and blue, it will always let you find a perfect match.

For you ladies, the Trishuli eco-friendly handbag will add a cool touch to your style, with its beautiful sand colour, that will easily match all your outfits, and the no-frills design. Would you like a more sophisticated look? The vegan Lumbini handbag has a beautiful patchwork pattern on the front which will attract all eyes.

With the Tanahu men's shoulder bag, men are not to be outdone! This discreet rectangular shoulder bag will perfectly suit men who are supportive of ecology but like to choose their accessories with style.

A commitment:  to create vegan shoulder bags and backpacks

BHANGARA was born from principles. One of them is absolute respect for our animal friends. This commitment is reflected in our vegan bags and messenger bags, for which we are PETA-Approved Vegan certified. All our products, including our backpacks and shoulder bags, are therefore guaranteed to be free from any material of animal origin: no leather, wool, dyes, glue or animal bone buttons. By wearing one of our vegan backpacks, you will know that the creation of your product has not been harmful to any living thing.

Ethical backpacks: What is "fair trade"?

Our ethical backpacks could not be our pride if they were not designed by hand, according to ancestral Nepalese tradition, but above all, with respect for the working conditions of our partner artisans. We are happy to offer you 100% ethical computer bags and shoulder bags, which strictly follow the precepts of fair trade: decent hours and remuneration, tea breaks, respect for working conditions and local festive days ...

Thanks to our backpacks and shoulder bags, you are not only making a gesture for the planet and all living creatures, you are also being supportive of true development of Nepalese artisans and their families.

Ecological and environmentally friendly backpacks

We make it a point of honour that all the products offered in our shop are ecological. This is why we have chosen hemp for the design of our organic backpacks. A plant naturally present in Nepal, it is cultivated without pesticides or herbicides, and its use results in a carbon footprint 30% lower than that of cotton.

The hemp plantations from which our organic backpacks are made are also sustainably managed, contributing to the well-being and environmental balance of the Himalayan regions of western Nepal.