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Seti Azure
Seti Azure
Seti Azure
Seti Azure
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5% is donated to support SOS Children's Villages Nepal
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Made of eco-friendly hemp and handmade in an ethical manner, Seti Azure is a set of blue multi-functional pouches that you can slip into your backpack, tote bag, or shoulder bag!

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These three ethical hemp wallets inserted one into the other like Russian dolls, can be taken everywhere. Practical and clever, they can turn into a makeup case, a key purse or a jewellery box. Padded with rigid foam, each zippered purse will retain its curved shape. 

In addition to their practical usefulness, these three-in-one ethical pockets have been made in a workshop with a community mission. This women's foundation empowers youngsters at risk of social exclusion by teaching them the trade of seamstress and providing group support.

Advantages : 

  • Set of multi-purpose zippered pouches
  • Woven and sewn by hand by women at risk of social exclusion
  • Traditional Nepalese hemp fabric

This kit features : 

  • 3 zippered purses 
  • Padding keeps the curved shape
  • Classic herringbone pattern hemp fabric

Exterior :

  • Twill: 100% hand spun hemp
  • Chevron: cotton warp, hand-spun hemp weft


  • Lining: cotton
  • Triple lining: 2 mm padding

Wash your BHANGARA product by hand with warm water, in order to preserve the intensity of its handmade dyes. Let it dry in the shade in a horizontal position to avoid deformation.

Handcrafted in Nepal
Hemp spinning: Bajura and Bahjang
Weaving, dyeing and tailoring: Saptari and Goldhunga
Fair Trade certified workshop of 60 women at risk of social marginalization

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