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My account

No. If you have a Gmail account, you can sign in using your Gmail email and password without having to enter your informations. If you don't have a Gmail account, you can create an account by entering your personal information. Creating an account allows you to enter your information only once. You will not have to register it them, as it will be saved.

In your space you will find all of your orders, as well as the possibility of tracking orders that have not yet been send to your home.

To make a purchase in our online shop or to go to your customer account, an identification is required. If you forget your password, simply fill in the email address linked to the creation of your customer account in the "Forgotten password?" field, which is visible on the login page. You will be sent a link to reset your password.

It is also possible to change all of your information by logging into your customer account, and clicking on the "My profile" tab.

For any further questions or incidents, please contact us at the following address:

If you have a customer account, log into your account and go to the "Addresses" tab in your profile to change your address.


If you click on the "Back" button after adding a product to your cart, the product may not appear in your cart. To avoid this inconvenience, you should click on "Continue shopping". However, if the abnomality should persist, we advise you to delete the cookies on your device, by clicking on the "Tools" tab of your browser.

When paying for your order, the payment may not be validated. We advise you to carefully check whether the information provided (bank details, postal address, name, etc.) does not contain any errors. After all these checks, if the incident continues, try to pay for your order with another credit card. Finally, if in spite of everything, the payment does not work, contact us at


After the confirmation of your order, it is impossible to rectify it prior to sending it. For any request, quickly send an email to the following address: We will do our best to meet your needs.

However, we cannot guarantee that your shipment will be canceled. If you have already received an e-mail indicating acceptance of payment or updates on its shipment, it is impossible to cancel the order. At this stage, for any return solicitation, you will have to make the request of return after you have received the order. For more information, please check out our "Delivery and returns" section.

At the moment, the BHANGARA distributor network does not process shop returns in store if the purchase is made from our online site. We invite you to read our "Delivery and Returns" section for more information. If this section does not answer your questions, we are at your service at

Our products

We do our best to provide you with as much information as possible about each product, so that you can shop according to your needs.

On each article page you will find a short description, as well as a more complete description of the article. All the article pages also include all the materials used, pictures from different angles, but also set-up photos. Customer service remains at your disposal to specifically answer expressly all your questions in the shortest possible time.

Sometimes, some of our products suffer from their own success and get out of stock. If the stock is less than 2 units, we then display a note on the description which alerts you to the reduced stock. In this case, to avoid any disappointment, we recommend that you quickly order the product you want.

If the product has just arrived sold out, the "add to cart" button is replaced by "Create an alert". Enter your email address on the field that will appear and we will notify you as soon as the item is in pre-order or back in stock.

We frequently restock our most popular products. When one of these products is sold out, the “add to cart” button is then replaced by “Pre-order”. Under this button you will find information about the delivery time. Please note that when you pre-order a product, you are purchasing it. The payment of the order is instantaneous like a classic order. The reception of the product takes place according to the delivery time indicated.

All you need to do is search by entering the name of the desired product in the search field provided. You can also click on the tab of the category in which the product you are looking for is likely to be found.

If your research turns out to be unsuccessful or unclear, do not hesitate to write to us at, mentioning all the elements relating to the product sought. We will do our best to find the product you are looking for.

Care instructions

Our hemp items are washable. Unlike cotton, hemp fiber does not shrink with washing. However, the colors obtained by traditional dyeing are delicate. We do not recommend washing your BHANGARA item in the washing machine. The intensity of its handmade colours can be damaged. Do not put it to dry in direct sunlight either. Instead, wash your BHANGARA bag by hand in lukewarm water.  To dry it, drain the excess water and dry it in the open air in the shade. 

For the articles belonging to the “Sand” collection, without any kind of dye, machine washing is possible. The only precaution to take is to choose the programme for delicate garments such as the "wool programme" or a low-speed spin (around 700). Wash your bag or backpack inside out to protect its outer layer. 

When it comes to dyeing hemp fabrics, our master dyer makes every effort to do all the rinses that are needed. We also perform "control washes" on articles in which fabrics of one or more colors are present to check that they do not fade.

However, due to the artisan nature of the dyeing process for all of our colored products, excess color may occur. To prevent the color from fading, we recommend that you do not wash the bag in the washing machine, over 30°C, do not leave it in direct sunlight, and do not wear on your BHANGARA bag when it is wet. Take this last point into account even more if wearing your bag over light-colored clothes.