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    Consume ethically with an organic wallet

    Ecological and responsible lifestyles are undeniably part of our daily lives. This is why it seems necessary to us to apply this vision in our everyday accessories. And what could be more representative of our habits than the wallet, which accompanies us on all our trips?

    By implementing practices and materials that respect the environment, craftsmen, and without animal substance, Bhangara offers a selection of ecological pouches to carry your change and your credit card freely.

    Fair and eco-friendly coin purses

    Like all our creations, the organic purses that we offer at Bhangara meet very strict criteria in the context of environmental protection. These responsible wallets are made from natural fibers of Himalayan hemp, a material known for its quality and strength, grown without pesticides or herbicides.

    What's more, we guarantee you accessories compatible with a vegan lifestyle, without any substance of animal origin.

    But, we know, our commitment to the planet would not be complete without taking into account the human aspect. This is why we attach great importance to the well-being and remuneration of our artisans, who work in the traditional way in our workshops in Nepal. So, when you buy one of our organic wallets, you are helping to improve their daily lives, thanks to fair trade and the donations we make to the NGO SOS Children's Villages.

    Our different models of organic wallets

    Because consuming organic should never mean missing the aesthetic aspect of things, we have created responsible wallets that meet all the important criteria. So you have the choice between different colors, sizes and formats, to find the wallet that suits you.

    We offer a series of Rolpa wallets, in rectangular format, which can accommodate both your banknotes and coins, as well as your credit card and other loyalty cards. Composed of a main pocket and a secondary location, you can take it everywhere for your daily purchases.

    More spacious, the small Gulmi case will allow you to use it as a make-up pouch, as a coin purse or as a key ring thanks to its outer buckle.

    Fans of organization may also be interested in our Seti creation, which has no less than three pockets of different sizes, to store all your essentials: tickets, driver's license, car keys ...

    Each person has their own habits. This is why we are developing many accessories, such as organic wallets or eco-responsible companions, to support you in your ecological transition day after day.

    Choose a washable and durable ecological wallet

    Like all our creations, our fair trade ecological purses require precise maintenance. Himalayan organic hemp fiber is tough, but it does require a little attention from you.

    We recommend that you wash your wallet by hand, preferably in lukewarm water. This will prevent the fiber from degrading, and will ensure long-lasting use of your accessories. We do not recommend machine washing. If you do, prefer a cycle at 30 ° maximum.

    Finally, for drying, make sure to lay your wallet flat and avoid exposing it too much to the sun. This will keep the shine of its color while avoiding any possible distortion.

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  • Tobacco pouches

    Enjoy smoking and support ecology using our tobacco pouches

    In an increasingly worrisome ecological context, Bhangara maintains its objectives of supporting fair trade and environmental protection. This is why we work every day to offer you accessories that are in line with this way of life.

    Our tobacco pouches, created with the utmost respect for nature and craftsmen, are a perfect example of our commitment. For your own use or as a gift, don't hesitate to show your support with these functional pouches made of organic hemp from the Himalayas.

    Vegan and natural tobacco pouches

    Like all our accessories, our tobacco pouches are created in strict compliance with our commitments, both to the environment and to the men and women who work on them. It is by taking care of all these elements that we can work in favour of fair trade.

    Our workshops in Nepal guarantee optimal working conditions for all our craftsmen. This way we are working against the precariousness of women and for the full recognition of the activities of our partners.

    The tobacco pouches we offer are made from natural hemp fibres, which are grown without the use of herbicides, fungicides or pesticides. From the beginning to the end of the creation process, we take care that no chemical, toxic or animal substances undermine our commitments. Thus, we are able to offer accessories that are 100% ethical and biodegradable.

    Everything you need to store your smoking accessories

    Our tobacco pouches are designed for all smokers, especially roll-your-own tobacco lovers. You can store all your accessories in the compartments provided for this purpose.

    In the main slot of our Kaski tobacco pouch you can put a tobacco packet with a capacity of 30 to 35 grams. An inner strap will allow you to open your packet automatically when you lift the flap.

    A secondary pocket is also provided to store your rolling papers and filters, so that you can access them easily.

    Finally, a third location with a zipper can accommodate other accessories, such as a lighter, matches, or any other item required by smokers.

    There are different colours of ecological tobacco pouches available. All our tobacco pouches are designed according to eco-responsible processes and guarantee respect for the environment.

    Care of your organic tobacco pouch

    All of our ethical and ecological creations are washable, so you will surely use them for a very long time. However, we recommend that you follow these care instructions. Prefer washing them by hand with lukewarm water. This will prevent the natural hemp fibre from damaging. If you prefer machine washing, make sure not to exceed a temperature of 30°C.

    Dry your organic tobacco pouch in the most natural way possible. Ideally, lay it flat in the open air so that it retains all its qualities. Avoid leaving it under direct sunlight, as this could make it rough and spoil its colour.

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